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Shah Pakistani Full Movie Review and Box Office Report


shah Pakistani movie has been released recently 15th of august 2015. Adnan sarwar as a film hero and itself the director of the movie does work very well before this movie he is known for the famous movies director. The recent Pakistani movie shah is produced under the logos film productions. This is the actually true base story movie and revealed the life of the famous Pakistani boxer hussain shah.

Shah Pakistani Full Movie Review and Box Office Report

This movie is not something only about the boxing and not just tells how a boxer got victories or his fights against the other candidates or rivals. This movie is about how a sports person or men work in the whole sports system. Ups and downs of his carrier or her life from the beginning to end. This film is about the young child from liyari who has a passion for the boxing from his childhood and who he got the Olympic medal for the nation after this success what this nation gives him in return.

This movie has great and strong views from the viewer’s. Almost big celebrities of both the television industry and film industry like this movie and leave very good and approachable comments.

One of the famous television actor adnan sidique praising both the story and the hero of the movie adnan sarar and say this movie has great impact and adnan shows that he has bright future in this industry.

This is the one of the great movie ever launched by the lollywood this movie is based on the true story of the Olympian. Other actors like kiran chaudhry. Miraal sare, gulab chandio, sardar bloch, fiaz chohan and adeel raees also perform well according to the situations and story of the movie.

People hopes are the best for this epic movie and want that this movie rock the box office.


Box office collection of the Pakistani movie shah will be provided soon.

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