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New Pakistani Movie Fatwa 2014

Upcoming Pakistani Movie Fatwa that concentrates on an rebellion issue Pakistan is facing nowadays, The movie FATWA shows the challenging scenario the world in facing and ways in which Religions Terrorism in Pakistan is defining its roots.

New Pakistani Movie Fatwa Trailer

Cast of Movie Fatwa is includes almost new faces main name are Murtaza Raza, Hina Sadiq, Irfan, Javed, Atif Khan and Yawar Abbas.

New Pakistani Movie Fatwa 2014
New Pakistani Movie Fatwa 2014

The story of Fatwa is base on the Brainwashing the minds of younger has led to the terms including Suicide Bombing and using out of context ideas to brainwash premature minds Younger and established them upon untrue path. The film attributes the realistic lessons of Islam to uncover the religious fundamentalism that has adopted rise in the non-urban areas; the film is directed by Z-Shan Kazmi, although being produced by Agenda Films and Wajahat Kazmi Films.

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