Change Eid Collection 2015 New Eid Dresses for Girls

Change Eid Collection 2015 New Eid Dresses for Girls, as we all know Eid is just coming and everybody is busy with the shopping. Particularly girls and women are very excited for shopping purposes they want to wear the dresses that the other women or girls don’t wear. They prefer mostly the designer dresses so that they may look pretty from other and to enhance their personalities. Proper dresses have great effect on personality if dress made by probes fabrics and quality is just great than the person looking great.

For Upcoming Eid ul fitr many Pakistani Fashion brands has launched the new collection of dresses. Every brand has their unique qualities that make it familiar from other brands and also wants to capture the new customers from these unique points. That’s the main selling point for these brands so that more customers may attract towards them.

Change is among those brands which want to capture the new customers as well as also retain the existing customers by providing them the quality fabrics. This is the quality of this brand to capture the new customers. This brand has another unique quality to capture only girls by producing the fabrics only for this gender.

Change has just launched the new collection for eid ul fitar 2015. This collection is very stunning and gorgeous and includes decent and stylish lawn consists of 3 pieces and one piece shirts. Each dress look fabulous and stylish this collection is now available in stores if the girls are looking for gorgeous than they must visit the change stores. This collection also available in stitched and unstitched form and also in casual and formal wear. This collection very attractive from colors point of view various colors are:

  • Grey
  • Red
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Blue
  • and others

The dresses of Change Eid Collection 2015 New Eid Dresses for Girls,are now in stores take your time and chose from our collection

Here is the price range of these dresses:

  • PKR  2250 for one piece.
  • PKR  4150 for three pieces.

Lets have look on these dresses,

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