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Figure Out If Your Ex Is Still Interested In You

Figure Out If Your Ex Is Still Interested In You
Figure Out If Your Ex Is Still Interested In You

If you’ve lost your relationship but feel you’re still interested in him, your mind will also be working on knowing his interest in you. Here are some tips for you that will help you figuring out his interest in you. Your urge for knowing his interest surely means you have soft corner for him in your heart. But, before moving ahead, you should be assured he also wants to turn to you:

  • If you are noticing that your ex is always around you, it can be the sign he wants him to be noticed. If you notice him constantly being where you are, he might be trying to be around you. What if he wants to talk to you? If he seems going out of his/her way to talk to you, it is really alerting for you.
  • Another thing you can notice regarding his interest in you is his on-and-off messages on your cell phone. He might be sending email, text messages or making phone calls to you. Getting private messages from your ex on your facebook is greater sign of he is stepping ahead towards you. If he is still showing concerns about you like if he drops you from office randomly, it means he still loves you. You can easily know he still wants your friendship.
  • Noticing his reaction will also give proofs about his interest in you. You can notice his reaction about you when he sees you. If you feel him happier or a bit conscious when you are around him, it means he wants to feel you around. What if he keeps sneaking glances at you from across the room? It’s a bigger sign he is noticing you and he can’t get you out of his mind.
  • He can’t forget you, its reality if he touches you a lot when you talk to him. If during conversation, he keeps touching your arm or knee throughout the conversation, he wants you to grab your attention. His desire of maintaining a physical connection actually is a big sign of his interest in you. It’s good time to pull him back if you are also interested in him. But, if you don’t want him anymore in your life, you can simply neglect him or do something that would be sufficient to let him know about your no interest.
  • If he is still in contact with any of your family members, he wants to get you back. Keeping in touch with your parents is an alarm that he will put his efforts to win you. His connection with your family members, despite of breakup, shows he’s not ready to lose you. If it is like that, you should ask your family to know what he says about you. Knowing his thoughts about you, after breakup, will help you deciding how suitable he would be for you in future as he wants you again in his life once you’ve rejected him or finished everything.


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