WWE Survivor Series 2014 Team Cena Vs Team Authority

WWE adding on a excellent show, there have been however some missed possibilities.

Remember that hindsight is 20-20 and every single fan has his or her own concepts about what need to have gone down and what the person was dissatisfied to see—or avoid seeing, for that matter what stands apart?

Now that the debris has completed from this week’s show of Raw, what might have been improved to build Survivor Series an a lot better event than what it currently was?

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WWE Survivor Series 2014 Team Cena Vs Team Authority

Going into the occasion, the most popular celebrity was probably Ryback, who had been creating excellent progress in restoring floor after investing previous times svereal decades having difficulties in the tag group and midcard sections.

There were glimpses of the unbeatable monster from his unique WWE Tournament force from 2012, and it seemed as though The Big Guy was going to proceed his hot ability at the pay-per-view.

However, for some purpose, Ryback achieved definitely nothing and was the first individual to be removed from Team Cena.

why does WWE keep think that it is necessary to crack someone down before developing him returning up if he is already well-known with the crowd?

Did Ryback do something to put himself in the dog house? Was this a penalties to persuade him to examine his mind-set at the entrance or he would be returning to jobbing quicker than he could chant “feed me more”?

It does not appear as though this aspects into some huge plan that will pay off in the future, so it was an needless minor against a relatively big celebrity in a moment when the list is too slim to compromise wrestlers for surprise value.

Worse off, the first removal of the coordinate saw Big Display affect out Indicate Gretchen in minutes. Could not this identify have been given to Ryback instead?

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