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6 Reasons why you lose so many friends

“Friendship is not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

You Lose So Many Friend

Why You Lose So Many Friends following are some cause of friendship death

Care About Your Friends

If you don’t care what is happening in yours friends lives, your friends may possibly not make you stay around. It is essential to showing interest in your friends activities . your friends will probably feel insulted if you do not interested to consult with them in any matter of life.

You are always complaining

If you are always complaining about lack of money, your job,and unfair life, in this situation friends probably will not willing  to spend a lot’s of time with you. you should try to build a positive attitude and lookup for more exciting issues to talk about instead of what’s going wrong with your life.

You are too busy

As mention above friendships requires to give sometimes, and also investment of time. You have try to efforts to create a strong friendly relationship that will last.

Non-Stop Gossip

If you gossip non-stop, people today will recognize that you most likely talk about them nicely. Do not talk adversely about other persons or spread gossips. Rather, indicate that you can be reliable, trusted and honest  to respect individual’s privacy.

You are Selfish

Friendly relationship requires to give sometimes, even if you don’t like it. If you are only happy to do what you would like, it’s actually impossible that your friends will accept it for too long.

You are jealous and possessive 

If you’re feeling jealous and possessive when your good friend buys a new vehicle ,get a promotion at his work, or gets into a new relationship, it is possible proceeding to cause to problems, even though if you try to hide it. It is very important to celebrate together with your buddies and really feel joyful for them and there succeed. If you’re always feeling jealous, you’re attitude will likely shine through, even if you try to hide it.

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