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Why Do We Need Sleep ?

Sufficient sleep is an essential part of a human life, it is necessary for our health and body. It is recommended that we should get eight hours of sleep each and every night, good sleep enables to make you feel much better, but its importance goes way above just boosting your mood or eliminate of under-eye circles.  Enough sleep is a major aspect of a healthy and balanced life, and can also benefit for cardiovascular system, bodyweight, mind, and much more.

“Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise”

early to bed early to rise


list below are some benefits of sleeping which describe why do we need sleep ?

Enhance Your Memory

Your mind is extremely busy when you snooze. While in sleeping you can enhance memories or work out capacity. For anyone who is trying to learn something, no matter if it is physical or intellectual, you learn it to a specific stage with practice.

Associate professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, –  Dr. Rapoport, Says. “But something happens while you sleep that makes you learn it better.”

In short if you want to learn something new — no matter how much it is difficult you’ll have to try after sufficient sleeping.

Live for a longer period

An excessive amount or not enough sleep is connected with a short lifetime, while it’s not obvious if it’s an outcome or impact.

According to the research, deaths of woman happened in the ages of 50 to 79, and more who got lower than five hours or greater than eight hours of sleeping every night.

Minimizes inflammation

The most important advantage of sleep is that it can help to keep stress hormone in levels. This makes it possible for body to minimize the levels of inflammation, which is recognized to increase the risk of heart related diseases, early getting older, joint disease, many forms of cancer and having diabetes.

Allows body repairs

The cells in human body produce more protein while you are always enough sleep, which helps the body in restoring from harm triggered by stress, ultra violet rays, and other harmful direct exposure

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