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Why Difficult to Finding the right partner for daughters

Finding the right partner for daughters

Finding a marriage partner can be difficult task at this times, its having more difficulties for parents to find the perfect life parttner for their daughters.

These are some common reasion behind this why difficult to find Mr. right for herself.

Caste system and Status quo

Numerous of families are still slave of caste system and marriage within one’s own caste they clearly preferred. Women are sometimes allowed to get married to men of higher caste but never ever lower, with their children assuming their forefather ‘s status. its is one of the main reason of difficulty  in finding the merriage pattner.

Inappropriate mind-set

A mind-set is created because the individual views about her dad and mom. She observed how her mom suffer for the act of the dad, the abusive and selfish. due to this effect, she thought that marriage was not a pleasant element for herself, and she don’t want to merriage with unknows person.

Lack of Beauty

Lack of beauty is a extremely possible cause for being rejected by the male party as well as its several factors, It doesn’t matter how much your show excellent manner of the meeting,  its always extremely uncomfortable meeting by a potential mother-in-law.

Some useful suggestion: girls need to Evaluate her physical attractiveness, not anyone seems like the models in magazines, but each and every person should have something unique factor, so discover what is your most effective feature is and highlight it and wear clothes that flatter your natural beauty.

Role of media

Many well educated girls are experiencing disappointment and pain, media has become one of the primary resources of popular culture in modern society. Today media not just entertain us but also transfers stereotypes, opinions and beliefs of that community which are reproduced in  our social life.


Parents should Ask their daughter and her friends if she like someone else, before find the marriage partner and it can be batter for her feature life.

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