Warid Double GB Offer With 4G LTE Wingle and MiFi

Amazing Warid Double GB Offer With 4G LTE Wingle and MiFi device to connects with Internet at tremendous speeds but don’t be shocked if you didn’t know about it. It is a very time efficient device which can come in handy at times when you need it the most, like when you are travelling, Warid 4G LTE  Wingle can provide you high speed Internet and is up to the mark.

One of the most plausible thing about this offer is Warid MiFi Device , which make it portable wireless USB and can connect as many devices like Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops at a time. It gives an on-the-go experience as is the device slogan and really provides high blazing speed. I would go on about the device but enough of that now, let me tell you about the latest offers that would make you hungry for this Wingle device.

New Experiences With Warid Wingle

  • Internet Sharing Feature: You and any two of your friends can use Internet anywhere, anytime on any device because of only one bill from a same bundle.
  • It also works as a WiFi Device and provides Internets on devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops which are in the radius of 30 feet.

Wingle Bundled Package

  • You used to get 20GB/month 40GB/month for 3 months in Rs. 5,999 but and device is completely free.
  • When the bundled months are over then you can select any of the three months plan.

Wingle and Mifi Standalone

  • Get the Wingle Device for Rs 2,500 and for Mifi for Rs 3,500
  • Get any of the monthly plans that has been offered.

Warid Wingle Plan Monthly Bundles:

Get your chosen monthly plan by signing in with your mobile number at this service portal.

Some of the plans in Wingle  and Mifi Internet Plan that has been provided by Warid are Wingle Smart, Wingle Extra, Wingle Ultra whose Volume differs as do their Monthly charges. There is also a Double GB Offer which doubles the Volume of all the plans.

Wingle & MiFi Plan Volume Double GB Offer Monthly Charges
Smart 15GB 30GB Rs. 1500
Extra 20GB 40GB Rs. 2000
Ultra 35GB 70GB Rs. 3000

Double GB Offer:

All of the first time Wingle users can get this offer for the first three months so that they can get the best user experience without worrying about Volume.

Alongside the Wingle Internet Plans, there are also some offers provided by Warid Wingle which have been listed below.

  • Shared Internet Plan:

If you prefer to get this plan then you can any two of your friends or relatives can access Internet, anywhere, anytime on any platform whose charges are billed to the Wingle main owner.

Warid Double GB Offer With 4G LTE Wingle and MiFi
Warid Double GB Offer With 4G LTE Wingle and MiFi

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