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Upcoming Pakistani Movie Mission 5 of Shaan Shahid

Pakistani Super Star Shaan Shahid’s Upcoming film Mission 5, the production will start in November 2014, and movie will be release worldwide on Eidul Fitr 2015.

It is big news for Pakistani Super star’s fans not just due to once again the star is going to be seen in front of the camera, but also because he’s writing its movie script.

Hollywood actor Farhan Tahir of Iron Man and Superstar Trek fame will be the main villain in this Pakistani movie Mission 5.

Mission 5 will be directed by Asad ul Haq of STG, with BAFTA succeeding Director of Digital photography, Nicholas D. Knowland of Jinnah reputation as the DoP, and Ali Murtaza of STG is Movie producer. Veteran beautician Nabila is the official styling associate.

Mission 5 Upcoming Pakistani Film of Shaan

Discussing about his 1st movie project as a producer, Murtaza said: “I am happy and excited to see this desire materialise and evaluate a lots of follow in the years to appear. Pakistani film attributes should be competitive with worldwide cinema and deliver excellent entertainment to the people today while developing actors, writers, directors and connected film sectors. This category has incredible potential.”

The director of Mission 5 Asad ul Haq said that.

“My father once told me number of years ago that a story will explain to itself, when it’s ready. Till the last couple of months I believed that it wasn’t ready, but all of the sudden I find personally thinking, daydreaming about the tale 24/7. I think it’s finally all set to be told,”

First Trailer of Mission 5 Will be soon there.

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