Upcoming Pakistani Horror Movie Maya 2015 First Trailer

Upcoming Pakistani horror movie Maya 2015, recently launched its 1st theatrical movie trailer. The director of movie Jawad Bashir has high expectation for the film as there hasn’t been any reasonable let alone a horror film in history of Lollywood.

The growing of Pakistani cinema has provided hope to all and cinema goers are actually serious about latest releases. Jawad Bashir has been prompted by Japanese horror films and you may see ‘Maya’ reveal the similarity.
The movie Maya very close to the real crash. told by movie director Jawad Ahmed, They also mentioned that the film is nothing at all Pakistani so we may expect it is shooted in another country.

The cast of Pakistani Movie Maya

  • Hina Jawad
  • Ahmed Abdul Rehman
  • Anam Malik
  • Sheikh Mohammad Ahmed
  • Zain Afzal
  • Rasheed Al
  • as s guests appearance by Ali Aftab and Jawad Bashir.

The trailer begins with couples of friends on their solution to what appears as a farm house for a celebration. But things go wrong at the party as a murder is demonstrated in the movie trailer. Next we see an invisible power trying to turn a girls hand toward herself.

Upcoming Pakistani Horror Movie Maya 2015 First Poster
Upcoming Pakistani Horror Movie Maya 2015 First Poster

Maya will also be a career diversifying project for Bashir ahmed. The director, who has been a element of the pakistani film industry for the previous 20+ years, has been involved with comedy shows like Shashlik, Teen Bata Teen and Ulta Seedha to name a several. Now nevertheless, he is striving his hand at horror movies and evaluating from the trailer given below.

Upcoming Pakistani Horror Movie Maya 2015 First Trailer 

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