Super Nani 2014 Rekha’s Online Full Movie Review

Super Nani 2014 is Indian Movie of Super star actress Rehka, it is a darama Movie Directed By indra kumra, with the Rekha, sharman Joshi 3rd idiot of 3 idiot also palying the main role, the music of movie Super Nani composed by Harshit saxena with the help of sanjeev darshan, the Movie Super Nani has released on 31 oct 2014,

Super Nani 2014 Rekha’s Online Full Movie Review

An interesting story begins when Mann gives a big surprise visit to his Nani, Bharti Bhatia, in India. Reverse to his expectations of viewing a robust lady who keeps control in life, he sees a smooth and inactive lady who is told by all. This irritates him. So he makes a decision to make his Nani’s unhappy tedious life change into a fun curler roller-coaster ride.

A unsuccessful photographer cum film producer, who’d arrived at India with a desire to convert himself into a successful person, he makes the decision to first convert the life of his motivation, Bharti Bhatia. He dresses her up, can make her fully grasp she is amazing, clicks her photographs and moves them in different ad companies.

By performing this he would like to re-invent the genuine Bharti Bhatia, the one who never ever quit. He makes her understand, that the age of 60 is not the stop of life, in reality it’s a new starting point. Using this method, a inactive Bharti Bhatia obtains a new waking up in life.

Consequently, the family members which put her face from the community, forgotten her from a variety of social activities, is today the face observed in every family and is the motive for numerous social events. The woman who once utilized washing liquid grains in her cooking area is today the face of that detergent brand in every single kitchen’s.

The Movie Super Nani gives a strong concept to all the females that their power can be found within themselves; all they need to do is discover and use it.

Super Nani Movie Cast:

  • Rekha. As a (Bharti Bhatia)
  • Sharman Joshi as a (NRI Mann
  • Anupam Kher as a (Sammy aka Bamboo)
  • Randhir Kapoor as a  (R.K. Bhatia)
  • Shreya Narayan. as a (Aastha)
  • Rajesh Kumar as a ( Suketu)
  • Varsha Usgaonkar as a (Cameo)
  • Anchal Dwivedi as a (Gargi)
  • Vishakha Subhedar
  • and others

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