shoaib akhtar got married with Rubab Khan

Yes  Shoaib akhtar got married with Rubab Khan, she is 20 year old

Pakistani speed star Shoaib Akhtar has tied up with a 20 year old Rubab Khan from Haripur in the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa pakistan . TV channel revealed that Akhtar married Rubab in a silent wedding ceremony in Haripur. It seems like Rawalpindi express has achieved its desired destination.

In the beginning, when the rumor was come up that Shoaib Akhtar get married with a 17 year old, he had brashly rejected them. While, Shoaib Akhtar is now 39 years old. Earlier he had grabbed these rumours however right now when the snapshot is out, it looks like there was clearly truth in the speculation.

shoaib akhtar got married with Rubab Khan
shoaib akhtar got married with Rubab Khan

A resource close to Akhtar, 38, verified to PTI that the fast bowler and his family had visited the girl’s house on June 12 where both family members agreed upon the wedding ceremony date.

Shoaib Akhatar Wife Rubab Video by TheExpressNews

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