Sana & Samia embroidered Eid Collection 2015 vol 2 By Lala

Sana & Samia embroidered Eid Collection 2015 vol 2 By Lala, On this eid you need some style to wear stylish dresses that’s made for your personality and the personality in the charm of your dress that you wear. Some people want groom their personality by wearing the quality clothes made by the quality brands so that you feel comfort after wearing it. Women and girls are the very conscious about the new dress to wear on every festival particularly on the religious festival of eid.

Sana & Samia embroidered Eid Collection 2015 volume 2 By Lala textile brings everything that a young girl and a mature lady wants to wear on this eid festival. They made their dresses according to the need and demand of their customers according to the existing trend, fashion and style of the modern era.

In the field of textile lala is the most popular brand for the fashion wear in Pakistan. In these days lala  is working on the Sana and samina kurti collection 2015 volume 2 for the women and girls for this state. This textile company (lala) has already launched the volume 1 for the spring season 2015.

This eid collection for Sana and samia made by lala textile has been fully design with the creative boutique and embroidery that is according to the new trends of the modern age. The embroidery work done on the both side of the dress that makes it unique from the other different brands that is available in the market this embroidery work is also done on the neckline that is the additional feature of this brand.

This brand is always wants to give more comfort with their dresses to their clients this is the salient feature of this brand. In the volume 2 for the eid by lala textile it contains excellent collection this time embroidery dresses   with the printed dupatta that is the perfect option for the girls and women

Sana and samia with their partner textile have plan to introduce the volume 3 and 4 before this eid 2015

Here is the brief description of the volume 2 by Sana and samia by lala textile.

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