Sana & Samia Digital Embroided Kurti Vol 3 For Eid 2015

Sana & Samia Digital Embroided Kurti Vol 3 For Eid 2015, after digital prints, another technique is very famous in modern age is digital embroidery art. Which has been recently used by lala in Sana & Samia Digital Embroided Kurti Vol-3 or its previous collection vol-2.

Digital designing can also be called machine embroidery which performed by automatic advanced equipment. In which we can put multiple needles to draw colorful thread work at once compared with regular one. Computerized art and designs is very popular in textile market and it occupied other fields too.
Via digital machines we are able to get very complicated surface and designs with mindful accomplish. Computer embroideries can also bring on bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions and other home decor items. So let’s now check what’s type of dresses are part of Sana & Samia digital embroidered collection. It is single shits collection based on digital printed and embroidered material.

 Sana & Samia Digital Embroided Kurti Vol 3 For Eid Festive 2015

Lala textiles has produced elegant styles by using stress-free color combination as base and increased with excellent colors in prints. Moreover to glorify the digital tunics, lala has spread digital embroideries on floral and natural patterns.

These Sana samia eid collection Kurtis is showing modernity of technological innovation with no human get involved every little thing handled by machines.

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