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Role of women in family

Role of women in family
Role of women in family


Role of women in family is more important than a men, whatever if she is a daughter, sister, wife and  mother, her responsibilites are very important for development a society.

Role of women as a Daughter and Sister,

Every daughter have some Targets and responsibilities according to culture in which she livening, she has to clean the house with her mother and other household tasks,  in several societies daughter have to sacrifice for her brother in many course of activity. It’s the responsibilities’ of an older sister to teach and help her younger sibling, in education, playing games, and manners of lives and so many other things as well.

Role of women as a Wife

As a wife women have to respect, care and help her partner in every matter of life, and rather she have to organized a healthy atmosphere for family.

Role of women as a Mother

The role of women as a mother is the greatest part of every women life; this role started with the day of giving birth to the baby and never ends, she have proper care, protect and develop her kids with massive love. This role is very complicated and challenging for every woman,

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