Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile, Shariq textile is the famous textile mill in Pakistan it introduced various types of brands relating to the fashion industry.  There is the lot of demand of this textile mill in all over the Pakistan. People rely on the quality and fabric of the clothes and this need is fulfilled by the Shariq textile mills with its brand partner Reeva Embroidered Eid Collection 2015 By Shariq Textile

Now a day’s holy month of the ramzan is going on and after that there is the eid festival this festival is very precious for the Muslim world. Because every Muslim wear the new clothes on eid. Pakistan is a Muslim country and the habitants of the country also wear the new clothes on eid.

People do shopping from the top brands in Pakistan so that they may celebrate their eid in good manners. That is way reeva is the well known brand in Pakistan relating to the dresses it has the full variety of clothes for the every age of women weather a young girl or a mature women. On this eid collection reeva with its brand partner Shariq textile introduces a wide arrange of collection for the girls and women.

The designer frocks by reeva with its partner Shariq textile introduced exciting colors along with printing patterns. These frocks are also available in stitched form as well.

There is the thread work is also done beautifully according to the need for the customers. This thread work is absolutely done on the necklines with the digital printed bunches on the front and back side of the frock.

Embroidery work is also done on the front and back side of the frocks this is an additional feature of this brands because mostly dresses which are available in the market are solo design dresses but the reeve embroidered make this unique in nature with the stitched work this look so fabulous. There is various colors range in this collection.

This collection contains 4 pieces in a set

  • Embroidered and thread stitched kurti
  • Silk pajama
  • Embroidered sleeves
  • Thread stitched back

There is the other following feature of this brand along with the description:

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