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Raja Natwarlal Movie of Emraan Hashmi and Humaima Malik

Raja Natwarlal Movie of Emraan Hashmi and Humaima Malik which is released today on 29th August, 2014, with the new Pakistani Actress Humaima Malik, This Bollywood movie about the Crime and comedy, which is directed by Kunal Deshmukh and produced By siddarth Roy Kapur under the banner of UTA motion Pictures. In this Movie Raja Natwarlal is main role which is played by Emraan Hashmi, The Music of movie Raja natwarlala compased by the Yuvan Shankar Raj, which is the best music composer of Bollywood industry.

the the director of movie raja natwarlal kunal deshmukh says that, yes it is the cricket gambling related movie but this movie is not replicate the previous movie jannat, but it’s somewhat similar that’s why this role of Raja natwarlal give to the men one and only Emraan hashmi of course he can perform very well like this type of act rather than any other actor.

Alongside with Emran Hashmi and Pakistani Actress Humaima Malik, most wrestle actor Paresh Rawal, and kay kay Menon also playing the leading role for Raja natwarlal. Many peoples preserve that the story of Raja natwarlal would be like Emraan Hashmi’s Movie Jannat, which was the best movie of the year because of the Involvement of cricket in this movie.Because people love to watch Emraan Hamshi in this type of acts like jannat, Jannat2, and also the role of shoiab in movie once upone a time in Mumbai.

Raja (Emraan Hamish) and his best frind Raghv (Deepk) they are making the fool to peoples with their astonishing tricks and acts in the city mumbai, and enjoy their life which goes smooth, the film story take the other root when then Raghve(Deepak Tijori) best friend of imran hashmi which is murdered by a prevailing King of crime Varda Yadav, (k K menon).

Raja (Emraan Hashmi) decides to take retaliation form the villain Varda Yadav, for this Yog (Raresh Rawal) help the Raja to take revenge form him. He guide the raja how to deal with the Varda yadav for this.

You will also enjoy the Romance scene between Emraan Hashmi and Humaima malik, but mostly these hot scene are very shorts and kisses. It’s not like other movies of Imran hashmi. which is limited to few songs fo raja natwarlal.

Star Cast:

Emraan Hashmi: (Raja Natwarlal)

Humaima Malik: (Jeena)

 Paresh Rawal: (Yog)

Kay Kay Menon: (Varda Yadav)

Director and producer:

Kunal Deshmukh, Siddarth Roy Kapur and UTA motion Pictures)


Meka Sing, Shweta Pandit, Mamta Sharma, Anupam Amod and Benny Dayal.

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