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PTI Girls Dance at Jalsa Azadi March Islamabad Faces Criticism


PTI Girls Dance at Jalsa Azadi March Islamabad Faces Criticism According to people  its become a great spot of enjoyment for the young girls and guys in the name of Jalsa. As we can watch on our TV every day at night after 8:00 PM , how PTI’s Dharna is turning into a dancing club exactly where lots are pti Boys and Pti grils are dispersing vulgarity.

Nevertheless, PTI’ Azadi March is expressing a clear picture of dancing party where modern ladies are arriving in sticky apparel, denim jeans and short shirts, jumpers, and dressed in full make-up in order to bring New pakistan.

Daily at night PTI girls and guys collected at these places and they pay attention presentations of their management. They also enjoy songs and dance also. Younger ladies and ladies also execute dance.

Pakistan.s Governmental and spiritual popular individualities has belittled such mind-set of PTI employees. His Chair Imran uses wrong terminology against the Nawaz Sharif Primary Reverend of Pakistan and Primary of Pakistan Group of  Nawaz sharif

PTI Girls Dance at Jalsa Azadi March Islamabad
PTI Girls Dance at Jalsa Azadi March Islamabad

Moreover, females fabrics were also getting wet due to rainfall in Islamabad but they didn’t care and continue their vulgarity by means of dance due to which lots of young people were getting close to females. In the same way cellular variety of ladies were also moving between young people as well as most of the ladies also reported about pestering during Dharna.

However, where teasing and dance will high freely pestering will absolutely happen, so the query is it PTI’s Dharna or time frame point? Everyone can clearly see the size of vulgarity and embarrassing functions which has improved in PTI Dharna behind the name of trend.

Although, trend is not coming through PTI Jalsa but offensiveness is absolutely improving in the places like the main cites of pakistan Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore where PTI’s protestors have collected in order to show their assistance to PTI’s chairman Imran Khan

PTI Girls Dancing at Jalsa Azadi March Islamabad

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  • inshallah PTI ki jeet hogi …….. Imran khan naye pakistan ka naya jinnah hai we all are praying for imran khan
    GO NAWAZ GO Nawaz will resign

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