PTCL Offer 2Mbps DSL Connection For 1Mbps Price

The Good News for all PTCL DSL Customers that is PTCL Offer 2Mbps DSL Connection For 1Mbps Price. This is the 2nd time when PTCl upgrading its 1Mbps DSL Connection to 2Mbps with no extra charge till end of March 2015, mentioned a note posted on PTCL site.

PTCL Customers may either maintain 2Mbps DSL connections following the end of campaign time by paying out Rs. 1,549 per month, or they’re able to down grade their DSL connections return to 1Mbps to keep paying out regular Rs. 1,250 monthly charge.

Listed below are promotion features:

  • 2Mbps Internet connection promotion rates: Rs.1,250 monthly.
  • All 1Mbps User have been up-graded to 2Mbps DSL Speed.
  • Valid Up to 31st March 2015.
  • Rs 1,549 is going to be billed for 2Mbps right after promotion period.
  • No additional charges will be billed to customer prior to 31st March 2015.
  • All customer who never wish to proceed with 2Mbps should opt out by dialing 1236 and returning back to 1Mbps.
  • PTCL has been pursuing this practice of forcefully updating the DSL speeds for its broadband internet customers, in which they should opt-out themselves to prevent additional charges.

While customers are normally not satisfied with such time-bound offers that charge them additional after expiry, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority appears to be okay with it as it has by no means restricted PTCL in continuous its long-running technique of upgrading customers without having their permission.

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