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Personal SWOT Analysis

Personal SWOT Analysis is very useful tool  whenever you want to analyze your internal and external issues. It’s also enabling you to identify your strengths, overcoming weaknesses,   maximizing your opportunities and minimizing the threats for your successful life.

Internal & External sources:

Strengths and Weaknesses are your internal sources

While the Opportunities and Threats are your external sources.

Personal SWOT Analysis
swot analysis

Internal sources

  1. Strengths

Strength is the positive qualities that you internally have and through which you have direct control. First thing that you have in your mind that is “what do you do well” it means that before stating your carrier you should choose that one in which you are best. Second is analyzing your unique qualities that make you superior among others. You should have to boost up these qualities so that people recognize you through your strengths.

  1. Weaknesses

Weaknesses are the negative and internal attributes that are harmful to you and your personality and also harmful to achieving your goals. Some times its say that your strength is your weakness. It means that be calm into your strengths otherwise it becomes your weakness with no time.  Other things includes that what you must have to improve that’s may be your personal skills, qualities, require qualification and your fewer resources than others etc.

External sources

  1. Opportunities

Opportunities are the positive but external factors that help you to achieve your goals and objects. Opportunities are not into your control but you can take advantage of it. Very first you have to determine the opportunities that are open to you. After considering the opportunities that are available for you. You should know how will you make best use of these? If any interesting trend is aware, you should know how can you develop yourself according to this?

It’s often say that if you find any opportunity you should have to look at your strengths and ask yourself whether this open any opportunity. And look at your weaknesses and ask yourself whether you could find any opportunity to eliminate them? It means that how can you turn your strengths into opportunities and how can you eliminate your weaknesses through opportunities

  1. Threats

Threats are the negative and external factors that are harmful to you for achieving your goals and objectives. You don’t have control on it, but can minimize its effects.

First of all identify what kinds of difficulty do you face and what threats could harm you? In these situations you should have to analyze it, and try to overcome on them. Threats may be your worst past experience that may cause of your failure to achieve goals.

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