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Pakistani Movie Dukhtar Selected as the Oscar Consideration

Another Pakistani Movie Dukhtar Selected as the Oscar Consideration, Dukhtar (English: Daughter) is a Pakistani movie Drama thriller which is Directed and Produced by Afia Nathaniel, in a cast Samiya Mumtaz, Ajab Gul , Mohib Mira, Asif Khan, Saleha are fans samia Ahmad, Dukhrat movie is basically story of the mother who leave their family to save her 10 year old daughter form an early and arrange marriage to a tribal leader,

It’s a great honor for a Pakistani film industry this is second movie which is selected for the Oscar awards, due to its amazing and real story movie Dukhtar is really deserve for this nomination.

Pakistani movie Dukhtar received positive reaction from around the world. Writer of the movie Mohsin Hamid explained, “Dukhtar is a amazing and extraordinary film. It shows how rapidly Pakistani cinema is growing. Samina Peerzada talked about younger actress Saleha Aref, “The small girl in Dukhtar  a star is born. Academy award winner movie director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy said, “Dukhtar has set a new precedent in filmmaking in Pakistan.

The film’s highly effective story is fulfilled with equally solid visuals that jointly present what Pakistani talent is exactly about. I have no doubt that the story will resonate with people regionally and worldwide. Actress Meesha Shafi acclaimed the Pakistani movie Dukhtar , actress and director, Simple and full of impact. Dukhtar hassles a subject that seriously requires attention. Delicate yet energetic portrayal of Allah Rakkhi by Samia Mumtaz. The Pakistani surroundings are shot with an attractive eye.

Afia Nathanial has come. Film producer Iram Parveen Bilal said, Pakistani movie Dukhtar is a story told with artistically impressive images, susceptible characters and most important, with a heart. I wish it all my best for its Oscar submission.

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