Mobilink introduces Mobilink One Card for Postpaid User

Mobilink introduces Mobilink One Card for Postpaid User

Mobilink recently appear with Mobilink One Card under the group of customer loyalty plan for the business group in recognition and appreciation of ongoing their business with Mobilink and offering special solutions to serve their needs and let them have the options to shine in their field.

Mobilink has inaugurated this program by providing it a caption,

“One Business, One Card, Unlimited Rewards”

for postpaid User. The consumers who are utilizing Mobilink postpaid solutions for over 4 months will use for this card and get the advantages.

On utilizing every 50 paisas, Mobilink offers 1 reward point to its postpaid client such as if a business owns several postpaid subscribers, rather than giving them reward points individually, Mobilink is merging them into a one card which will be allocated to the company and the business will additional handover it to its staff on the need base to use those factors. These reward points could be used at local and foreign stores.

The company has joined with a number of suppliers for the Mobilink One Card to offer its customers pursuing added benefits:

  1. Online Account Management
  2. Assimilate points from all Mobilink solutions into One card
  3. Special offers from select reward partners
  4. Having access to premium local and international merchants
  5. Real-time alerts and notifications

And the companies partnered with One Card are enlisted below:


  • Sarena Hotels
  • Movenpick Hotels

Food and Drink:

  1.   Butlers Chocolate Café
  2.   Xanders
  3.   Kolachi
  4.   Veranda Bistro
  5.   Tuscany Courtyard


  • Bose Tissot
  • iSTYLE computers
  • Oxford University press
  • Seef Mall Gift Card
  • Emaar Gift Card
  • Courts


  • CIP International Lounges
  • Marhaba Lounge


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