MBROIDERED Unstitched Collection 2016 By Maria.B For EidulAzha


Added exquisite comprise of season,  A verity of stylish dresses has introduced in newest MBROIDERED Unstitched Collection 2016 By Maria.B For EidulAzha, you give reason a tracheophyte of showy season outfits in this aggregation, which form you unreal in this toughen, let’s canvass the current styles and designs of this summer assemblage and festive juncture.

MBROIDERED Unstitched Collection 2016 By Maria.B comprises 3-pieces has utilized to pass this collecting, which keeps you comforted in the hot days of summer and eid ul Azha.

New MBROIDERED  collection has offered more anthology for women to have in this weaken, in these collections she has introduced beamy capableness of enchanting season dresses, these dresses have mad with character fabrics, amazing embroidered work, pastoral patterns and striking styles, at this case a show of large dresses has offered in next MBROIDERED Unstitched Collection 2016 By Maria.B For EidulAzha.

This collection is a combining of beautiful or stylish embroidery and beaming prints, artistic patterns of geometric and rhetorical prints has crafted on the shirts and dupattas of this grouping, hindmost sidelong of galore shirts has crafted with oppositeness patterns of foremost pull, pleasing patterns has printed on the dupattas of these dresses, you faculty grow both dyed and printed pants in this fashionable season aggregation.

Churrigueresque embroidered operate on the shirts puddles this grouping perfect for you to fag in the gatherings of this season, neckline of shirts has bejeweled with embroideries, battlemented and patterned laces has also ornamented on the worst of some shirts in MBROIDERED Unstitched Collection 2016 By Maria.B For EidulAzha

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This embroidered festive dress has offered in really suited soprano, the soprano of lone embellish in this collection is:

PKR 13,500/- to PKR 17,000/-


It is all roughly the elegances of this fashionable season accumulation, change a lie on the catalogue of this collecting trailing here, strike any fulgurous coif to represent yourself posh in this toughen with MBROIDERED  Unstitched Collecting 2016.

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