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Mad About Dance 2014 Review The Movie about the Dance

Mad About Dance Watch Online in HD and Free Download (MAD) is a film of Aarav Anand’s life pirouettes on one big desire, he wants to be a part of his idol Caesar’s dance team. With little money and weight of interest, he goes to the wonderful city of Sheffield in UK to monitor down his dance expert. He ties with other having difficulties desis having identical problems of living in a phoren area. He records Caesar and his troupe of sinister-looking white snobs, who dislike the ‘brownies’

He even experiences a embarrassing beat in a dance fight and is ousted. He satisfies UK-born desi lady Aashira who dislikes the ‘browns’, but suddenly waltzes over to the other side, discovers a associate in him and drops in love too. Aarav then types the first Oriental dance team in Sheffield that takes part in a intense dance fight at the nationwide stage.

Debutant home Saahil Prem’s movie is simple with a formulaic tale. It doesn’t ever ‘step-up’ to another stage. It goes into problems beyond dance – nationwide issue, youngsters problems and goals. While none of these sub-plots are well-fleshed out, they end up tossing the tale off the oasis.

Mad About Dance Watch Online in HD and Free Download
Mad About Dance Movie Review 2014

Some dance workouts B-boying, securing, taking, break-dance, free-style Salah Benlemqawanssa & Soft Nam Kryptic Activity will stimulate regards, and the performers are undoubtedly amazing during the fantastic dance face-offs. Yet, for a dance movie, it does not have speed, dynamic interest and a good soundtrack. The lead couple burns the oasis, can’t say the same about their romantic endeavors. Most of the throw dances better than they emote.

Saahil attacks with competitive goes, he’s quietly wonderful, but underplays his feelings. Amrit is sleek on the oasis and likeable; Raashul Tandon of the friend team provides fun.

Mad About Dance places its best feet ahead at the end, keep your breathing for the last dance. Overall, it’s a movie for dance fans. Even if it results in the center dance for more.

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