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Latest Photoshoot of Shaan Shahid for Hello Magazine

Latest Photoshoot Pakistani Super star shaan shahid for Hello Magazine in Pakistan, Shaan shahid is real shaan of Pakistani film Industry he has done more then 500 Movies for Pakistani cinema, most successful actor, writer and director of Pakistani cinema, his popularity is incensing with the passage of time last year he give the most successful movie waar to pakistani film industry with his incredible performance.Many Bollywood and Hollywood directors want to cast him for there movies, but he just sign the movie on equality basis he can also very easily become the Yash Raj Movies of Pakistan. But he decided to maintain every little thing to him self and therefore wrapped up producing two movies in Decade which is nothing! He breaks to take a sip of water.

Becoming a staunch suggest of seniors’ duty to support and encourage the newer lot, Shaan has also build his own production organization referred to as ‘Riaz Shahid Films’ in which young filmmakers will be approached to present their ideas. In the same way, he also agreed upon a film, Shiny Toy Guns with a Karachi based production company which is planned to release in 2015.

so many Pakistani and International magazine and news papers cast him for there events and shows
Here is Latest Photoshoot of Shaan Shahid for Hello Magazine

Latest Photoshoot of Shaan Shahid for Hello Magazine


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  • Shaan comment is not a claim
    But a FACT. Hny is a straight copy. There are soooo many issues affecting Indians eg gang rapes. Cast issues, modern issues that they need to copy Hollywood scripts

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