Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018 with Price Volume 1

Khaadi Winter Collection 2017
Khaadi Winter Collection 2017

Pakistan’s one of most favourite fashion brand Khaadi is now going to lunch its latest collection for the winter season, this assortment included Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018 Unstitched 3-Pcs and 2-Pcs.

Khaadi Winter Collection will be Available from October 28th, 2071 at all leading stores and online, Let’s have look at Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018 with Price Volume 1 Unstitched 2-Pcs Dress

Khaddi 2Pcs Winter Collection 2017 Unstitched Dresses collection contain, two different fabrics include

  • Khaddar
  • PV

Khaadi 2-Pcs Winter Collection  2017

Price Range: PKR-1500 to PKR-2700

In Khaadi Khaddar winter collection 2017 you will get both printed dresses and embroidered dresses here is the detail of Khaadi khaddar winter dresses listed below

  • Embroidered Khaddar Shirt
  • Khaddar Shalwar
  • Printed Khaddar Sleeves
  • Embroidered Shalwar Patched

these embroidered patches offered with limited dresses, gorgeous prints like it’s all previous collection, astounding motifs and styles, with exclusive embroidery work on the front of the shirt and attractive glow colour scheme included, red, blue, pink, yellow, orange, black, zink and lots of others.

Now customers have a choice to select, Dupatta or Shawls which one they preferred,  with the beautiful and beautiful dress of Khaadi for wintry weather season 2017- 2018.

Khaadi 3-Pcs Winter Collection  2017

Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018 with Price Volume 1 offered three different fabrics in 3-Pcs Winter Collection 2017 Vol-1

  • Chiffon
  • Khaddar
  • Linen

Price Range:

PKR-2,000 to PKR-8,500

listed below the detail of Khaadi winter Chiffon Collection 2017

  • Embroidered Chiffon Shirt 2.5m
  • Silk Printed Fabric 1.5m
  • Cambric Shalwar 2.5m
  • Chiffon Dupatta 2.5m

Khaadi 3-Pcs Khaddar winter Collection 2017

  • Embroidered Khaddar Shirt 3.25m
  • Khaddar Shalwar 2.5m
  • Printed Shawl 2.5m

Khaadi 3-Pcs Linen winter Collection 2017

  • Printed Linen Shirt 2.5m
  • Linen Shalwar 2m
  • Linen Dupatta 2.5m

Note: these mention details are different according to prices and designs

Let’s look at the images of Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018 with Price Volume 1.

If you have any query or question in your mind, feel free to us ask us.

Khaadi Winter Collection 2017-2018

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