Khaadi Summer Sale 2017 Upto 50% OFF available in Stores

Khaadi Sale 2017

Khaadi Summer Sale 2017 Up to 50% OFF is now available in stores for all those girls and fashionistaz who want to look stylish in the most economical way possible. Isn’t it the most bombastic news??? Of course it is. Well, having off prices isn’t the only attraction you have in this sale in fact there are a lot of other charms such as

  • Fabric of the dresses
  • Design of the dresses
  • Dresses for all ages
  • Stylish Accessories
  • And most of all of course are the 50% off prices

Now let me reveal each charm one by one:

Khaadi Sale 2017 A17256BKhaadi Sale 2017 A17266BKhaadi Sale 2017- r17303-_1_Khaadi Sale 2017 A17251BKhaadi Sale 2017 A17252BFabric of the dresses

Fabric for all the dresses is soft lawn. This fabric is suitable to wear in most of the seasons such as summers, pre-springs, springs and up to the mid autumns. Specialty of this fabric is that it never let you feel itching or irritation to your body even if you are wearing it in the severe dog days. Similarly, if you are wearing them in the pre-autumns they won’t let your body to feel disturbed. This is the specialty of Khaadi fabric.

Design of the dresses

Designs for all the dresses included in Khaadi Summer Sale 2017 Up to 50% OFF are eye popping and as per latest trends. These dresses are available in unstitched as well as in stitched format so you have the feasibility to choose the style as per your requirements. Here you will find short shirts, long kurtas, pyjamas, pants and trousers along with the unstitched fabric.

Dresses for all ages

In this summer range, you can find not only girl’s dresses by Khaadi in fact kids garments are also a part of this collection. Make your kids feel stylish and trendy with this exciting off prices summer range by Khaadi. Half pants, jeans, long sleeve Ts with exciting and poppy tattoos are part of this collection.

Stylish Accessories

The sale is not only limited to dresses, in fact, stylish jewellery is also there to rape your mouth with pappy styled necklaces. These necklaces are available in form of long hair, Gulu band and tasseled necklace.

Most of the all is the price range which is now 50 percent less from the total amount. You can have a look at all the dresses in our image gallery below and find out best dresses of the season for yourself as well as for your kids.



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