Every year lots of new designs of outfits are introduced in the market with every changing season and every festival event. Females mostly prefer to wear such type of dresses which make them stylish and suffer comfy.  Every single girl tries her best to pay money for a dress of trusted brand like Iznik Fashion.

The name of Iznik Fashion brand does not require any preamble in Pakistan. Its name has very good reputation in the fashion industry on Pakistan.

Iznik Fashion recently launched its new collection for Eid ul Azha 2017. This collection contains all innovative, trendy and modish designs for girls in chiffon fabrics. Every dress has its exclusive pattern and style. Different varieties of charming and attractive technique initiate in Latest Iznik Eid ul Azha Collection 2017.

Iznik Eid ul Azha Collection 2017  Chiffon Dresses

Let’s discuss latest Iznik Eid ul Azha Collection 2017 with Price

In this festive collection 2017, this brand offers stylish chiffon dresses in different styles. Nadia Farooqi done an excellent job in choosing the fabrics for this collection, a startling combination of net fabric, chiffon, silk and cotton, with ingenious styles of embroidery and sophisticated intend to distinguish Iznik Fashion Eid ul Azha Collection 2017 from all other Pakistani fashion brand’s collection.


Exceptional and prominent insignia scheme is applied in this collection. Which include

 Almond flash white beige
sea green misty rose Olivine
Pink Snow

Infect every dress in this collection is design with excellent embroidery work, different patches with charming and delightful colours that which create obscurity to choose the best dress to buy for eid ul azha festive.

Price Range:

Now let’s discuss the price of this exclusive collection. It seems that the price of this collection is a little bit high but no one can argue with price after looking Iznik Fashion Eid ul Azha Collection 2017.

Price UnStitched RPK-6650/-

Order now for your favourite dress from Iznik Eid ul Azha Collection 2017 and make yourself more striking, stylish and happy on this eid.

Let’s have viewed the images of Iznik Eid ul Azha Collection 2017 Vol-3.