Imran Khan and Reham Khan’s Valima Ceremony Pictures

Kaptan Imran Khan and Reham Khan celebrate there Valima Ceremony at Madrisa with Children. Imran Khan, who’s Now 62 and the father of two Children from his past marriage with Jemima Khan, tied the knot with Reham Khan, 41-year-old Ex- BBC weather news Castor and host of a Pakistani talk show.

Hare are some Images and Pictures of Imran khan And Reham Khan’s Valima Ceremony.

Imran Khan and Reham Khan had witout a doubt reported that these were not planning to have a grand marriage ceremony and clearly there was going to be no formal Valima ceremony. Rather they decided to invest the day with the Madrisa students of Mufti Saeed. While speaking to Dawn News Imran Khan said that he wasn’t anticipating people to be so delighted at the news of his marriage therefore he was very grateful to all those who were pleased for him. He also stated that he had no programs to get married prior to the 20th but he had to go in advance with the Nikkah much earlier due to the fact of all the rumors that was moving around about Reham Khan.


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