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How to deal with a clingy person

The Complete understanding of men and women are difficult to one another. Everyone has unique and different qualities. Mantle and physical understanding of your partner strengthen your relationship and misunderstanding can take your partner away. A man is not perfectly completed and same as the woman. The relationship make them complete with mutual understanding what actually lover and beloved demanding in relationship. Fulfill your partner`s demand but It doesn’t mean you become a clingy. If you don’t like clingy person in your life than how could you bear him or her in your life. There are many cases of breakup happen every day because of a clingy partner. Being a lover how could you retain the clingy person in your life and maintain relationship. I am writing some important tips which can help you to deal with a clingy person.

How to deal with a clingy person
How to deal with a clingy person

Show your interest: always let them feel that you are taking interests in her/ his activities and actions. Appreciate his/her efforts what he/she is actually doing for your sake.

Let him/her know that you are being admired by him/her. If he/she do something special his/her life doesn’t disrespect him/her. Encourage them and show you are really very happy to see his/her work. Say in that way “You performed wonderful job”. Give them motivation.

Look fresh in front of them. If you are showing your desperation before a clingy partner she/ he could make you more depress by showing sympathy and asking stupid questions again and again.

Encourage him/her to adopt different hobbies. Tell him/her about the new social activities and hobbies and ask them why you don’t go for it. If he/she doesn’t agree tell his/her other friends to push him/her up toward that hobby. When he/she got busy definitely his/her mind set will be change.

Spend time without each other. The life will be bore if you spend 24 hours with each others. The relationship will be ended soon. Go for 1 week holidays alone. That he/she will realize your importance in his life until you return. Sometime distance strengthens the relationship in a way that you are unable to see your someone special, it desires to meet each other.

Crake the Jokes about his/her clingy behave instead to break the relationship. Some people don’t understand if we directly seriously tell them his/her bad habits. Here you have to tease her/him by making jokes on clingy behave to awake him/her up to quit the clinginess.

Don’t Fight: Clingy behavior its self a mental torture for you. Don’t go for fight on clingy behavior. Seriously talk about the clingyness tells him his mistakes and bad actions. If you want him/her in your relationship than use polite behavior doesn’t row with each other. If you row with him/her might be drive you to the breakup. Discuss the main issues and let him/her know that the time you spend with them is great and I don’t want to lose you but ……. I hope you understand. Use calm and polite speaking tone and behavior.

These are just some tips which facilitate you to deal with a clingy man in your life and help you to make your life wonderful with a clingy person. You couldn’t claps with one hand same as the relationship doesn’t work if it is one sided. Someone has to compromise and someone to suffer. Not only clingy behavior but any other big issues can be resolves by small efforts and make your life beautiful but the effort should be both sided not one sided.

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