Haider 2014 Full Movie Review of Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha

Haider is Upcoming fitting of Bollywood Driected Vishal Bhardwaj after fantastic Movie Omkara. Movie Haider 2014 is a contemporary version of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, set in Kashmir. Shahid Kapoor Play Leding Role for this Movie as a haider with co-actress  Shraddha Kapoor, In other star cast Tabu performe very important role as a mother of Haider (Shahid Kapoor) and Irfan Khan as a Father of Header (shahid kapoor). in this movie Shraddha kapoor as Areshia Playing a role of a journalist.

Haider 2014 Full Movie Review of Shahid Kapoor and Shraddha

The story of haider is all about the serious complex between the mother and son growing with incestuous overtones, the perform within the movie script in the Bismil music, Town or Haider’s community pretence of insanity, the performing severe diggers, Ophelia, or Arshia as she is known in this edition, also going mad, the overall look of the dad’s phantom, are all key story factors from Town.


Then Vishal Bhardwaj goes and vicissitudes the end, which, with Shakespeare you have to have gained the right to. Besides it’s some 50 percent hearted ethical concept about serenity.

Was I intended to proper take excellent care of the figures or the bigger circumstances of Kashmir (who’s elegance is truly devastating) or both? Well, the movie did not create me proper take excellent care of either. I like an excellent cry when I go to look at a psychological dilemma. Though many a split was reducing on display my sights were dry; the stars had cried all the crying and remaining none for the viewers.
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When you are an extremely experienced and professional celebrity like Tabu and you know you are going to be needed to be psychological and weepy from field one-th to field endeth then please self-control and quality your efficiency in a way that the viewers is not going “someone, anyone please just present her with whatever she wants to quit her sniffling”.

Apart from Tabu, the activities are spirit keeping. Shahid goes strong into himself for Haider. His tremendous skills are on complete show. He shows he is the amazing Pankaj Kapoor’s deserving son. His quiet, his rage and his insanity all pull you in.

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