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First Electric Bike (E-Bike) Is Officially Launched in Pakistan

First Electric Bike or E-Bike, which had been Officially launched yesterday in Karachi Pakistan, functions an electric motor that operates completely on standard rechargeable electric batteries. The 800 watts engine can support the motorbike achieve rates of speed in 45-60 km/h. Charging the E-Bike needs 6-8 hours and you are able to travel approximately 80-100km prior to running out of fruit juice. The ideal aspect of this E-Bike, one charge expenses only Rs.20.
First Electric Bike (E-Bike) Is Officially Launched in Pakistan
Athar Ahmed Khan, the Director of TAZ Trading which imports E-bikes in Pakistan, expectations to substitute the 70cc motorbikes with this eco-friendly choice.

TAZ Trading has currently distributed 25 bikes in city of Faisalabad and is confident about the upcoming of these bikes in Pakistan immediately after the First introduction in Karachi.

The Energy Conservation Department of K-electric done an research which shows that for every 9 kilometres the charge is just one Pakistani rupee. In the length of one charge, the bike can cover a range of as much as 100km’s, which implies that the running expense can be decreased by up to 90%.

According to report, the running cost of normal motorbikes is Rs.3000 monthly, while the evaluation indicates that the E-bike can offer the exact same use for only Rs. 300. The starting up price of the E-bike is 89,000 rupees and considering that they are below 50cc there is no need of registration with the excise and tax department.

First Electric Bike (E-Bike) Is Officially Launched in Pakistan
First Electric Bike (E-Bike) Is Officially Launched in Pakistan

Based on The World Health Organisation (WHO), there are one lac and seventy thousand deaths every year in Pakistan caused by pollution, as brought up by the survey. The key reason for pollution in Pakistan are motor vehicles that have interior burning engines. Considering that 48% of the people uses two-wheelers in Pakistan, these motor vehicles by itself lead appreciably to pollution. The E-bike may well ultimately a solution for this problem and help in completely decreasing polluting of the environment in Pakistan.

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