Famous Cricketer Wasim Akram in Comedy Nights With Kapil

Famous Cricketer Wasim Akram in Comedy Nights With Kapil Hosted by the comic Kapil Sharma. The show provides a unique tackle the daily life of a common person, it considers the story of each and every domestic and how our common man Kapil is impacted by the most basic issues in life about him. Each episode features celeb guests. Regardless of how big the superstar, Kapil continues to be the celebrity of every episode. Wasim Akram famous Pakistani circketer is the guest for 1st november 2014.

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Kapil begins to talk with Wasim more and indicates that Bollywood and Cricket always had a regards. He talks of labeling Bollywood celebrities and requests Wasim to position them in different roles in a cricket area. Kapil requests about excellent leg. Wasim responses Deepika since she has excellent feet.

Kapil then requests about gully. Wasim considers a bit and responses Emraan Hashmi. The next query is about protect position. Wasim responses Mallika Sherawat is appropriate for protect position.

Kapil requests about additional protect and Wasim responses Warm Leone. Raju comes seated on a little equine imitation and shows that Bittu’s spouse came on a little wood made protect (tokri). Bittu creates a taunt at Raju. Raju wants to be a part of Wasim’s group and provides two advantages  get ready Rotis and also perform cricket. Bittu creates a taunt at Raju’s experience and requests how come he can think of enjoying cricket ?

Raju wants to listen to from Bittu who is his job on how does his experience looks ? Raju requests whether his experience looks like Deer’s end. Bittu talks that Raju has variety in expression and his experience becomes one according to the factors he recognizes.

Raju creates a taunt at Bittu whether he becomes Big Manager after seeing the display. Bittu goes on to create more taunts mentioning Raju’s experience as Cab gauge after seeing taxi and others. Raju wants one opportunity from Wasim and will create sure to win the globe cup. Bittu creates another taunt at Raju contacting his experience to that of a dish. Raju becomes sad and goes with his equine imitation.

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