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Exclusive Wedding Pictures of Sharmila Farooqi Politician

The much predicted event boasted very high security as attendees entered and have been approached by the bride’s father, Usman Farooqi, together with Mehdi Hassan’s ghazal Zindagi mein tou sabhi pyaar kiya kertay hain.

Sharmila’s mom Anisa Farooqi welcomed guests and got the chance to take pictures with close family and buddies, such as make-up artist Laiqa Hasan and Sadia Nawabi, prior to the wedding entered full swing action.
Dressed up in an stylish variety by Farah Talib Aziz, Laiqa Hasan mentioned on how busy she had been with the necessary arrangements for Sharmila’s major day for the previous five months and mentioned that

“she is like my baby sister, I would do anything for her.”

Sharmila’s mother and father decided for gold and white shades in co-ordination with the decorations.

France Consul General Francois Dall’orso mentioned how delighted he was to have been invited to the wedding ceremony, although Afghan Consul General Shah Ahmed Saeed said,

“I am really enjoying being seated here. Pakistan and Afghanistan have similar wedding cultures” while wishing a “successful life ahead and in the future to one prominent and intelligent lady of this nation.”

Media personas such as news anchors Kamran Khan, Asma Sherazi and specialist Mazhar Abbas came shortly right after 10pm. People of the MQM leadership, which includes Khawaja Izharul Hasan and Waseem Akhtar, were also seen at the front door and wanted the couple a happy married life in advance.

Well, Here are the  Exclusive Wedding Pictures of Sharmila Farooqi Politician With Hashaam

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