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Dekh Magar Pyaar say Full Movie Review and Box Office Report

Dekh magar pyaar se

Dekh Magar Pyaar say Full Movie Review and Box Office Report,

Pakistani movie Dekh Magar Pyar se just released on 14th of august 2015 on the day of independence for the nation of Pakistan. Humaima Malik and Sikander Rizvi both are the leading actors and involved in major roles. This is a brilliant film very well executed, very lovely script and this is the really break through for the Pakistani film industry due to involvement of English language. It is very exciting to watch the way Pakistani film industry moving forward.

This Pakistani movie Dekh Magar Pyar say comes with the new concept and idea. This movie has both romantic and comedy tastes which is directed by Asad ul Haq and produced by Ali Murtaza.

Story-line Of Movie Dekha Mager Pyaar say.

Very nice and romantic story is the good thing in this movie also the mature acting from both the actor and actress. All the team of this Pakistani movie “Dekh Magar Pyar se” do work very nicely and confidently to show the some hidden talent in the Pakistani film industry.

Very nice collection of songs are included in this romantic and comedy movie like I m sweetey, tasveer and kaala dooriya are liked by the people.

Beautiful Humaima Malik and handsome Sikander Rizvi do work according to the wishes of the audience and really give them the pleasure time.

Promo is just amazing to watch.

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Here are the something good and something bad points in this movie:

Positive Aspects:

  • Brilliant film very well executed
  • Lovely script
  • Involvement of English language
  • New concept and idea
  • Unique story
  • Item Number Kala Dooriya

The most important thing in this movie is the debut of the hero of this movie sikander rizvi he do acting very nicely and work according to the expectation of the people and the movie makers.

Negative Aspect:

  • Song I am sweety is the remix of naheed akhtar song

Tasveer Check out the exclusive promo for ‘Tasveer’. The song has been sung by Mooroo’s Music Page and remixed by Talal Qureshi

Posted by Dekh Magar Pyaar Say on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Humaima malik do copy of the famous bollywood actress Kareena kapoor as she done in the movie jab we matt.

Box office collection and report will be provided soon there.

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  • In the list of recently released movies, all are great , apart from this scrap. It’s sheer waste of time. Most of hall was empty after 40 mins. In 1st 45 mins there is only humaima, rickshaw and her red dress. poorly made, and executed. Too much talks. worst movie of the century.

  • Recenty pakistani movie have done a great job but seriously dekh magar pyaar se is the biggest flop ever. Disgusting movie and half of the cinema left movie before interval!

  • Not a good timepass at all. Its not worth watching. The plot is very weak, for the first hour you will keep on thinking that what’s going on. Humaima Malik’s acting is very unnatural. Hero of the movie did a good job though.

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