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Beauty tips for men

Beauty tips for men
Beauty tips for men

This is the age of style where not only females are paying attention to maintain their appearance but men also want to look young and healthy, that’s why knetbook provide you Beauty tips for men by with this suggestions a men can also look great and maintain himself.

Wash your hair consistently

Fresh and shining hairs create very positive impact of your personality, so you have to wash your hair regularly  to remove dirt and oil in your hair, to keep your hair healthy use a most effective shampoo which is formulated for your hair type and condition it at the last when hair has been towel and dried up.

Wash your hair consistently
Wash your hair consistently

Brush Your Teeth

It’s saying that teeth define your personality, white teeth are indication  good self care and also provide the confident smile, don’t ignore to brush your teeth on a regular basis and pay close attention to gums, try to change your toothbrush within a two months to protect against transferring harmful bacteria into your mouth .

Wear Sunglasses

Yes sunglasses can make you look like a film star and is also helpful to protect your eyes form road dust, harmful sun’s rays and blue light which could make the chances of muscular degeneration.

Daily exercise

Exercise is best source to maintain your body and fitness; it is also help to prevent your excess weight gain, burn calories and live longer, other than the health benefits and physics fitness you can also feel better and looked younger.

Other tips

  1. Keep your nose clean and clear and remove the unwanted hair and blackheads form it.
  2. Keep your hands and foot nails trimmed and cleaned.
  3. Use light perfumes if you are going to attend any party or ceremony.
  4. Must wear gloves if you are going outside in winter and working with oils and liquids staining.
  5. Wear that dress which is suite your age and personality.

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