Alkaram Fall Winter Collection 2017-18 With Price

akaram Fall Winter 2017
akaram Fall Winter 2017

Alkaram Fall Winter Collection 2017-18 With Price Present hundred plus beautiful designs, unique pattern, gorgeous embroidered work marvellouslous styles for wintry weather season 2017-18 which include Linen, Karandi, Pashmina and Silk Velvets,  here we will be discussed about Alkaram Fall Winter Collection 2017 -18 with Price.

In this collection Alkaram has launched series of warm dresses for winter season, amazing styles, and premium quality fabric with remarkable ornamentation, you will get following anthologies for winter season 2017-18


This is an adequate compilation of dresses for the winter season for girls to commemorate every jiffy of the frosty season with grace, poise, finesse and charm, every collection for winter season has its own approach and styles, let’s have a converse one by one.


Price Range: PKR 2500 – PKR 3300

This is 3-Pieces and 2-Pcs dresses collection consist of numerous beautiful designs and attractive colors with  Viscose fabrics contain Dupatta, shirt and shalwar, listed below is detail of one dress you will get

  • printed Cotail Viscose Dupatta
  • Printed Cotail Viscose Embroidered Shirt
  • Extra Printed Cotail Viscose Sleeves
  • Dyed Cotail Viscose Trouser

Furthermore, in some dresses, you will also get Extra Viscose fabric for Sleeves,

Alkram Khaddar Winter Collection 2017

Price Range: PKR 1750 – PKR 5000

In this compilation, you will get 3-Pieces and 2 Pieces Khaddar dresses both embroidered or printed an exclusive series of stunning prints and eye-catching colors and latest designs, detail of one dress is same that you will get in

  • Printed Shawl Dupatta
  • Printed Khaddar Embroidered Shirt
  • Printed Khaddar Shirt Back
  • Extra Printed Khaddar Sleeves
  • Dyed Khaddar Trouser


Price Range: PKR 2600 – PKR 6500

This collection is available only in 3-Pieces Unstitched Embroidered dresses you will get in viscose fabric, every dress is brilliant design with amazing embroidery work, best for winter formal wear,  here is the detail of 3-Pieces twill viscose Dresses for winter season 2017-18

  • Printed Palachi Dupatta
  • Printed Twill Viscose Embroidered Shirt
  • Dyed Twill Viscose Trouser

For embroidery touch you may also get extra embroidery adornment with shirts, which is

  • Embroidered Patches for Neckline or sleeves

Resham Twill Linen Winter Dresses

Price Range: PKR 2600/- to PKR 3375/-

In this anthology you will get two different varieties in 3-Piceces dresses which are

  • Plain Viscose Dupatta
  • Printed Plain Viscose Embroidered Shirt
  • Extra Printed Plain Viscose Sleeves
  • Dyed Plain Viscose Trouser

Both varieties are consist of 3-Piceces Unstitched Dresses with mention above dupatta you will get

For further ornamentation you will also get additional Embroidered Neckline with some dresses according to styles and design. Well, some dresses shirts consist of two parts, with theses dress you will get separate fabric for front and back shirts along with separate sleeves.


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