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Actress Meera and naveed's Scandal still topping on Google searches

Meera pakistani actress and naveed’s Scandal tape still topping on Google searches in Pakistan, its really shocking are pakistani peoples are only want to see these types of videos?

Actress Meera is one of the most known Movie Celebrity of Lollywood. Meera is best know for her exclusive style of damaged poor english with mixed with urdu and they way she talks it candidly. In Jan 2014 Actress Meera to the information of TV programs because of her released sex record. In the Meera’s released sex Tap she was field in an unsuitable way with his lawful spouse.
Meera talk about her sex tape video with Naveed

The released record of Meera created more then large numbers queries on search engines in one day and still nowadays the phrase “Meera Sex tape” is being explored many, many times on online search motor engine in pakistan and all over the phrase.Below you see the system of ARY News in which Meera was welcomed to clear the misunderstandings as she was saying that the record is changed.

Actress Meera and naveed's Sex tape still topping on Google searches
Actress Meera and naveed’s Sex tape still topping on Google searches

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